For those who want little fuss and are time short then Bean to Cup Coffee Machines are for you – Good quality brew made quickly !

If you’re a lover of freshly brewed caffeine then these machines could be the best option for you. It’s as simple as it sounds, you put whole beans in it, and freshly brewed cafe quality comes out. it’s that easy. There’s no stress involved in using it, and it comes with a whole bunch of benefits.

Here’s a video talking about the benefits and features of a DeLonghi Coffes Maker:

Video courtesy of DeLonghi

ABOUT BEAN TO CUP MAKERS (also called Automatic)

These machines have been designed to be straightforward to use and it’s fast! I mean it literally, it can make a good cuppa within a minute and making a fresh cup of naturally flavoured espresso or cappuccino is guaranteed.

Just make sure you use good quality beans because the taste depends on the seeds. The better the beans, the less time it takes to grind and produce a finely ground beans. The more water you put in the machine’s water reservoir, the more you get.

The machines can be set to produce different varieties and you can make either a cappuccino or any other type you want. They are not difficult to maintain, and they are affordable for all budgets. What more can you ask for?


There are many benefits, and once you start making use of it, I doubt you’ll ever go back to any other coffee machine.


A Bean to cup coffee machine are fairly quite simple to use. Who has the time to start grinding the beans when you can put the beans in this machine and let it do what it’s been designed to do, giving you a fresh cup of coffee without complications or complexity? Just sit back and enjoy your time!


A cup of coffee made from these machines has a unique flavour. It still maintains that original fresh taste of the coffee beans, none of its creamy and natural flavour are lost.

It can’t be compared with already processed beans made through other coffee machines like Filter Coffee Machines. Use the settings to produce the perfect variety of coffee you want.

AFFORDABLE – costs that little bit more !

Having your own barista style coffee comes at a price with costs ranging from £200 to over £1,000. Having said that you if you’re serious about your caffeine then this maybe a price worth paying.

The versatile nature of a bean to cup coffee machine. Though it’s the price is more than other types regular coffee machines, but it’s worth it.

Prices vary depending on the range of features and the model of the machine. At the end of the day the quality is high whichever on you go for just go with one that fits your budget and you wont be disappointed. See some we’ve picked out for you.


Coffee just as you like it. A creamy cappuccino or an espresso – the choice is yours. Depending on the model you choose there are options to make the perfect coffee cup as you like it. Tailor the strength, length and temperature to get it just right for you.

One main factor that determines the quality is the variety of beans that you choose and if you don’t know then just go on a trial and error process until you settle on the one.


Why are these Coffee Makers so expensive ?

The price of buying is the main drawback with some machines costing more than £2,000. The advice here is pick one that fits your budget and it isn’t always the case that the more expensive the better the taste.

The higher costs is reflected in the different components, there’s the grinder and the thermoablock (a style of water heating element found inside of espresso machines) and the finishing’s like the stainless steel, brushed chrome – all these elements combined together adds to the overall costs. Don’t also forget that companies have Invested an awful lot in R&D and that cost is also factored in. lastly, margins are added at each stage from manufacturer to importer/wholesaler to retailer then to you the customer.

Overall the technology that makes the magic happen is not cheap !

FROTHINESS – Manual or Automatic ?

If you like creamy coffee then you’ll need a milk-frother and bean to cup machines have them in-built. However, cheaper models may have a manual one that take some time to froth your drink so it’ll take some elbow grease to perfect it.

Coffee for One or Two

Unlike filter coffees, these machines will only produce one or two cups at a time so if you have friends over this could take some time to fuel everyone. The good news is that new machines are being developed all the time to produce multiple cups.

Types of Coffee Beans

There are four main types of beans namely Arabica (better quality and cost more); Robusta (more caffeine and bitter than Arabica); Liberica (floral, woody aroma); and Excelsa (least common and related to the Liberica beans but more tart and fruity). More details about coffee beans.

types of coffee machine beans

A bean to cup coffee machine can be seen as an investment and over the longer term can save you money and you no longer need to spend money on expensive ground coffees

Overall buying coffee beans are more expensive, but you get a lot for your money and if you want to enjoy a variety of drinks then this is the option for you.

One final thing to consider is the space required as some of these machines can take up more space than you thought. For example a De’Longhi Autentica Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine – Silver’s dimensions areH48 x W55.6 x D47.7cm. So before you buy ensure you have sufficient space.

But they do look the business if you want to impress !

Luckily, if this isn’t for you then the next best alternative could be a Pod Coffee Machine.

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