Pod Coffee Machines are convenient and simple to us Read our guide to see if it’s for you. These are also called capsule coffee machine and are what is being written about here as they are the most popular types.

There are many different ways to enjoy a good cup of coffee and if it’s part in your morning routine, then having a quality pod coffee machine at home would make sense.

Take a look at the following short video on how a typical coffee pod machines work.

Demo of the Lattissima Pro Pod Coffee Machine

Video courtesy of Nespresso

What is Pod Coffee Machine ?

Coffee machines come in dozens of different models from traditional French Press to state-of-the-art fully-automatic espresso maker. Somewhere in between, you’ll come across a model known as single serve coffee maker or sometimes referred to as pod coffee machine.

Pod Coffee Machines

As the name suggests, these machines work with pods or (essentially the tea bag version of coffee) or capsules (think George Clooney) to simplify the brewing process. and more popular.

Coffee pods are already flavoured out of the factory so there is no need to measure portions or infuse other additives. As long as you have water in the machine and coffee pods inserted, you can brew an enjoyable cup of coffee in several minutes.

Deepening on the model some have a built-in milk frother to provide more options for you to tinker with the caffeine mix.

How Do Pod Coffee Machines Work ?

  • Load water into the tank attached to the machine (water tank is usually removable
  • Insert the coffee pod into the machine, typically above the dispensing spout
  • An electric pump at the bottom of the tank sucks the water and runs it through the machine
  • Water heats up as it flows through heating element
  • Hot water flows through a narrow needle to increase pressure
  • This hot high-pressure water flows through the coffee pod
  • Filter paper at the bottom of the pod prevents coffee grounds from entering the spout
  • Coffee drips through the spout and enters your cup – ENJOY !

WARNING: DO NOT to insert fingers into the pod container, because there are razor-edge prongs meant to puncture into the pod once it is inserted.

Single serve coffee makers can be quite expensive, but are cheaper than bean to cup machines. They should pay for themselves pretty quickly, assuming you give up the habit of buying your caffeine shot every morning at coffee shop.

Pod coffee machines are available in many brands and models with Nespresso leading the market. There may be some subtle variations but work in a similar way:



  • Convenience is the main advantage of pod coffee machine. Not only is it easy to use, but capable of producing enjoyable cup of coffee fairly quickly.
  • Pods also come in a large variety of different flavours and you can also buy them in multiple flavours from a single package.
  • In general, pod coffee machines are simple, quick, and practical.


  • Simplicity comes at a cost of limited adjustability; you cannot “experiment” with different temperatures, extraction rate, personalized mix of coffee grounds, and so on. Taste mostly depends on the quality of the pods.
  • To maintain freshness purchase pods with the most recent production date to ensure freshness. Even if the coffee grounds are stored securely inside their container, overtime they may lose some its flavour.
  • From an environmental perspective there is a plastic waste problem. Instead of wasting plastic containers choose a pod made of biodegradable materials.

Difference between Coffee Pods and Capsules

coffee pods and capsules

Coffee Pods look the same as teabags, except they are round and they work the same as a tea bag. Pods or pads as they are also called, work on a drip system in order to brew at a slow-pressure.

Coffee Capsules are most widely used and marketed more often in commercials where coffee is contained in plastic containers with an aluminium foil seal.

Capsule Coffee machines are either part of an open system (many manufacturers whose capsules are compatible with that machine) or closed system (only use one brand of compatible capsule in the machine e.g Nespresso).

Capsules come in a variety of shapes and sizes so it’s worth checking that it is compatible with YOUR machine is important to ensure it works.

Tassimo or Nespresso Capsules?

Nespresso, Tassimo and Dolce Gusto are probably the most commonly know brands and other brands are also worth considering Lavazza. If you’re an espresso based type of drinker then stick to Nespresso or Lavazza and maybe go for a machine with a milk-frother to enjoy lattes or cappuccinos.

For more wide ranging coffee drinks then choose a Tassimo machine to enjoy other drinks like macchiatos or hot chocolate. One thing to bear in mind that these Tassimo machines only take their own-brand capsules.

Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/coffee-machines/article/nespresso-tassimo-or-dolce-gusto – Which?

Nespresso Coffee Pods (Capsules)

Nespresso is one of the world’s best known brands and it’s pods are the most widely used. There are numerous varieties of coffee pods available and that means there’s lots of choice for you to find ones that suit your taste.

The 6 Ranges of Nespresso Coffee Pods:


Multi-blends feature a variety of intense characteristics, best enjoyed in a short cup, 25ml (Ristretto) or 40ml (Espresso) cup.


Four blends explore the range of flavours presented in a mild, round and balanced style, to be enjoyed in a 40ml cup (Espresso).


Four coffee pods offering a wide range of taste profiles and intensities, specifically designed to be enjoyed in a long cup, 110ml


True Nespresso coffees, each with its own rich aroma and natural characters preserved through the decaffeination process


Three gourmet variations based on Livanto coffee pods, flavoured with natural aromas of exceptional finesse. Best enjoyed in a short cup, 40ml.

Master Origin:

Five coffees that can be enjoyed as espressos (40ml) or lungos (110ml) from specially selected places around the world. Each from a single country of origin, and crafted with passion by coffee farmers to reveal the character of each terroir.

Overall it’s mid priced option with plenty of flavours and aromas on the market. Take a look at the range here and find the right one for you.

If you’re looking for a machine that’ll make freshly brewed coffee in a pot for many more people then a Filter Coffee could be for you.

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